UTIS MV Ehitus

Utis MV Ehitus was founded 13.05.1992, on the basis of the "construction town" RAS ELAMU at Narva mnt. 152 under the name AS UTIS. This firm has received its present name in February 2000 to emphasize the main activity - construction. The company is based on 100% Estonian capital.

The company was formed over the years, simple and clear system of governance that allows us to solve problems and make decisions in a short time. Construction work is made by a real professionals.

Since 2000, the firm's core business is the installation of reinforced concrete structures. Our partners - AS Betoneks, AS Talot, AS Lasbet, AS E-Betoonelement. On the basis of subcontracting firm working with AS Merko Ehitus, AS Tallinna Linnaehitus, AS Kolle, AS Facio, AS Skanska EMV, OÜ ARCO Ehitus, AS RIITO Ehituse, OÜ FUND Ehitus.

Paepargi residential area construction ...
Construction work started
KTN Tallinn Logistics Centre
Construction work started
Apartment house at Sоо 1 (2nd stage)
Construction work started